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All Season’s Outdoor Kitchens can design and supply your
complete outdoor living environment.

We handle several beautiful collections of outdoor furniture, fire pits, sunscreens, accessories
and the design expertise to pull it all together for you in a timely manner.

Outdoor Furniture

Please visit us in our lovely showroom so we can work closely with you to incorporate your desires with function and space limitations.

Our quality and sources are outstanding.

Outdoor Furniture

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Planning A New Outdoor Kitchen?

Planning A New Outdoor Kitchen?

Here Are Some Steps to Start: 1. If new construction, we can work with your contractor to make sure your new home is wired and plumbed properly, which will save you time, money, and frustration; 2. If an existing home, take photos of your outdoor kitchen space; 3. Take wall measurements, and note positions of electrical and plumbing outlets; 4. Come to our Showroom and we’ll help you design your Custom Outdoor Kitchen.

Planning A New Outdoor Kitchen

Important Points to Keep In Mind:

What Do You Want To Do With The Space You Have? If you host large parties or small gatherings, consider how much space you’ll need for your guests to move around comfortably. This helps determine the size and placement of your custom outdoor kitchen in relation to outdoor furniture, number of guests, etc. Also, you may need a Grill Hood for proper ventilation. If you want a fully functional custom outdoor kitchen, a well thought-out design will lessen time spent going to your house and back. Since you’ll have everything you need to cook a perfect meal, you won’t miss out on any time spent with your family or friends.

How Large Should Your Food Prep Space Be? You’ll want enough counter space for your custom outdoor kitchen, so try to add about 3’ x 24” of space for each cooking surface. You’ll definitely want weatherproof and heat-resistant material, such as granite, for your food prep area. This area should have convenient access to hot water, so adding a sink is an important decision to make.

How Much Storage Space Will You Need? Think about your indoor kitchen and how it’s organized, then compact that for your custom outdoor kitchen. Your cookware and utensils should be within reach, and protected from dirt and moisture. Consider an outdoor refrigerator for perishables, and airtight storage containers for dry goods.

Planning A New Outdoor Kitchen

Keeping all of these points in mind will help you create your custom outdoor dream kitchen much easier. Once you’ve determined the size of your outdoor kitchen, the smaller details will fall into place.

Visit us at our beautiful showroom to see our variety of product choices.

Outdoor Kitchen

We’re located at 19451 S. Tamiami Trail, Unit 12
Fort Myers, FL 33908
(in the plaza with Little Caesar’s Pizza)
(239) 278-0019

Flameless Outdoor Electric Grills

Flameless Outdoor Electric Grills


We proudly offer Flameless Outdoor Electric Grills that are Condo-Approved. These grills are perfect for your Patio or Rooftop Deck, where traditional gas and charcoal grills aren’t allowed or wanted. Many features are carefully designed with the “grill-master” in mind, making outdoor grilling as easy as possible. All grills are high quality and built for daily use, giving you years of outdoor grilling satisfaction.

Flameless Grill

Many Convenient Features

In addition, cooking timers automatically shut the grill off, and stay-cool handles offer heat protection with a secure grip. Sturdy locking side shelves won’t collapse under heavy weight, and they fold down for storage. Stainless steel cooking grids and drip trays are removable and easy to clean. As a result, Flameless Outdoor Electric Grills give you fine-tuned performance that makes the difference between “cooked” and “cooked to perfection.”

Flameless Electric Grill

Enjoy The View

Enjoy an evening outdoors using the Rotisserie on your Flameless Outdoor Electric Grill. Cook your chicken at 350°, slow-cook a beef brisket at 250°, or sear a filet at 600°.  Meanwhile, the inside of your home stays cool. These grills are designed for almost any setting; from a back yard to a high-rise, even a yacht. We’ll help you find the perfect model to customize YOUR outdoor space!


Come visit us at our beautiful showroom to view our variety of products.
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(Located in the plaza with Little Caesar’s Pizza)
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Fire Pit Tables Your Family Will Love

Many Custom Fire Pit Tables

To enhance your outdoor living environment, consider adding one of our beautiful Fire Pit Tables. We have many styles, finishes and selections to fit your lifestyle. Easily customize yours for a unique outdoor lanai, and you’ll be the “go-to” house in your neighborhood. Available in cocktail table height or dining table height.

Fire Pit Tables

Fire Pit Tables Offer Options

Options include glass wind guards, colorful fire media, burner covers, vinyl covers, and more. A tempered glass wind guard adds protection between the flames and your family, guests, or pets. Glass media is used to light up the fire pit table, emitting an ember-like glow. Or turn your fire pit into a functioning table by covering the burner with a stylish cover.

A unique fire pit table lets you light up the night with ambiance, and enhance your outdoor space. The glowing fires will become a gathering place for family and friends, or just the two of you. With many styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect table to fulfill your outdoor dreams. Especially in Southwest Florida.

Come visit our showroom at 19451 South Tamiami Trail,  Unit 12
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We're located in the plaza with Little Caesar's Pizza

Ten Ways to Cook on the Alfresco Grill

Ten Ways to Cook on the Alfresco Grill

Alfresco Grill  Cooking

Commercial kitchens and many fine hotels and restaurants have been using Alfresco Grills for over twenty years. The same high level of quality is applied to the residential Open-Air Culinary line of grills and accessories. All Alfresco appliances are proudly build from scratch in the United States. With a highest degree of workmanship resulting in top performing appliances. Alfresco Grills will make any chef feel like a professional!



Alfresco Grill  Cooking is Always a Pleasure!

  1. Grill
  2. Sear
  3. Deep Fry
  4. Steam
  5. Boil Pasta
  6. Smoke with the Built-in Smoker Box
  7. Griddle Veggies or Meat on the Griddle
  8. Roast on the In-Direct Roasting Pod
  9. Rotisserie
  10. Solid Fuel Insert for Wood or Charcoal
  • The Alfresco heats up a to a whopping 300 to 900 degrees. Alfresco has an exclusive heat delivery system bringing evenly distributed extreme high heat to the cooking surface, delivering optimal flame distribution.
  • Sear zone offers 1500 degree temperatures with infrared technology. SEARING is a great way to lock in juices and flavors to caramelize meats and veggies for delectable mouthwatering flavors.
  • Deep FRY, STEAM or BOIL your favorite foods using the All Stainless Steel Basket.
  • Infuse wood and herbs into your cooking for extra special flavor profiles. Exclusive cold SMOKE capabilities with a large drawer holds large chunks of wood. The linear defusing vents naturally eject smoke at 200 degrees to the food zone.
  • Alfresco’s Commercial GRIDDLE is just the right accessory for you! 3/16” solid stainless steel with side and back splash makes the surface perfect for preparing fajitas, teppanyaki or juicy.
  • Turn your grill into an amazing ROASTING oven with the indirect roasting pod. The drip pan is very convenient for self-basting.
  • the Alfresco ROTISSERIE is whisper quiet and is chain driven for a smooth, consistent speed no matter the weight of the food you are turning. Add the smoker while cooking for extra flavor!
  • Drop in the custom designed fuel insert and transform your grill into a wood-source cooking system. Fill your favorite fuel source wood or charcoal!

With the level of workmanship and attention to detail it’s no wonder Alfresco offers so many accessories and options to prepare delicious meals! The Alfresco Grill offers 10 different food preparation options, which makes cooking outside even more enjoyable!

Should I Buy an Outdoor Grill Hood?

Should I buy an Outdoor Grill Hood?

An outdoor grill hood is necessary when your outdoor kitchen is under a roof or combustible structures. An overhead hood will help keep your outdoor living space free of grease and smoke on your walls and ceilings. Talk to your outdoor kitchen experts and sales staff to be sure.

These things should be considered when buying your outdoor grill hood:

  • Distance from wall to the back of the grill
  • Depth of cooking area
  • Is grill against a wall
  • Width of grilling area
Outdoor Grill Hood

Outdoor Grill Hood Placement

Canopy or overhead outdoor grill hoods require adequate overhang of the grilling area. A six-inch minimum overhang from the edge of the grill on each side is ideal.

The hood placement above the grilling surface should be a minimum of 32” and a maximum of 36” distance above the grill.

The fan inside the hood should have enough CFM or cubic feet per minute for the size of your grill and its major cooking use. Charbroiling will require more CFM than a lower heat griddle. The more BTUs your grill produces the more CFMs you will need.

Our Favorite Outdoor Grill Hood!

Our featured grill is the Heat Versa Hood which is generously proportioned at a 32” depth hood to provide exceptional capture area. The largest depth hood to date in the industry. The widths are available in 36”, 42”, or 48”. 304-grade heavy gauge stainless and #4 brush finish have beauty and function for venting. Customers enjoy dimmable 50-watt halogen lights with bulbs are supplied with the Versa Hood. High heat switches are designed for a long life. Powerful 3-speed internal blowers deliver up to 1250 CFM through a 10’ round duct. Installation is easy with sturdy heavy gauge mounting brackets that are pre-installed. This designer chimney hood can easily be converted to rear discharge using standard sheet metal allowing a 90-degree elbow.
In conclusion, a sleek design and well thought out placement, you are sure to get design plus functionality for your outdoor living space!

Looking for All Weather Outdoor Cabinets?

Looking for All Weather Outdoor Cabinets?

Made to Withstand the Elements

If you are looking for outdoor cabinets that are maintenance free and come in a wide variety of colors, All Seasons Outdoor Kitchens is the place for you. Additionally, a designer can help you choose from three door styles all in beautiful clear cypress wood.

Outdoor Cabinets

Door Styles

There are three door styles to choose from for your outdoor cabinets. The louvered door style provides a tropical feel which is popular in Florida. Shaker will give you a modern look with its simple bordered design. Woven is an attractive design with a lovely woven pattern for another distinctive choice.

Color Choices

  1. Teak
  2. Walnut
  3. Espresso
  4. Weathered Grey
  5. White Wash
  6. Charcoal
  7. Chestnut
  8. Cypress
  9. Natural


Clear cypress is a straight wood grain seen in most cypress wood graining.  The clear cypress graining is an attractive wood finish and comes in a wide variety of colors. 

Outdoor Cabinets Made Just for an Outdoor Kitchen

All Seasons combines all-weather materials with high-density polyurethane, PVC polymer, and stainless steel to make out outdoor cabinets. Engineered to resist damage from the sun, snow, rain, saltwater and extreme high and low temperatures, you will get the look of real wood with the benefit of weather proven materials.

Please visit our showroom to see our display of outdoor living products for your outdoor living space.

So What Exactly is a Summer Kitchen?

So What Exactly is a Summer Kitchen?

Summer Kitchens of Yesterday

A long time ago a summer kitchen was associated with farm house living. In Civil War times it was a seperate building behind the main house used in the warmer months of summer. Equipped with ovens made from brick afforded not having to build a fire within the main house. Living in this time people often feared making fires within the main house because of the daily fire needed to prepare meals. Preparing meals outside was probably more enjoyable and cooler than cooking over a hot stove in the warmer summer months. Especially since there was no air conditioning to keep cool in.

Summer Kitchen

Summer Kitchens of Today

Jumping ahead to today we use the term outdoor kitchen more than summer kitchen. Here in Florida we see outdoor kitchens equipped with a gas grill, refrigerator and a sink. Ranging from extensive to basic these outdoor kitchens are used mostly in the winter months when it's cool and breezy here in Florida. Some of the grills in the outdoor kitchens we have designed have all the bells and whistles like rotisseries, smokers, roasting pods, griddles, and steamers. For an added bonus our outdoor cabinets are weatherproof, made of resinkast. The cabinets are properly fitted to each appliance and the counter tops are made from granite.

Come to our showroom on US 41 just north of Woodsmoke Camping Resort. We are open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday by appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Outdoor Grill Features You’ll Love!

Outdoor Grill Features You'll Love!

You will love our showroom and the outdoor grill features in each and every grill. Our grills embody quality and durability with outdoor living in mind. Discover a grill that can be a part of your outdoor kitchen for years to come.

You will be amazed at the kitchen grill features in our showroom. These features can enhance your cooking experience. Imagine good times in your outdoor living space with friends and family gathered around. Come to our showroom to check out some of these spectacular appliances!

Outdoor Grill

Alfresco, Artisan, and Blaze are some of the brands we provide when designing your kitchen. Our outdoor grills feature 304 stainless steel components. Exclusive Infrared technology for the perfect sear zone to seal in juices. Pyramid shaped briquets provide excellent heat distribution on many of our grills. Heavy duty round stainless steel cooking grates makes for beautiful grill marking on your favorite meats and vegetables. Be sure to spot the unique hood-assist system made of non-corrosive stainless steel giving optimal comfort when lifting the hood.

Ceramic Briquettes

Create a beautiful outdoor kitchen with the best outdoor grills and appliances. Backyard get-togethers with your outdoor grill will bring fond memories for friends and family.

Be sure to visit our showroom in Fort Myers, Florida. We are located on U.S. 41, just north of  Woodsmoke Camping Resort.